About Company

In 2014 specially for the unique production of high-quality bio-products of game meat it was launched own full circle manufacturing in Korolev town (Moscow region). It includes cutting edge technology department and the modern microbiology laboratory that makes its own express tests of raw materials additionally to Gosnadzor checks. The main purpose of the laboratory is the increase of check level over the raw materials quality of different volumes (large and small) from different suppliers - companies and individual hunters.

About products

Trademark "Wonders of forest" is the new brand bio-products of high-quality game meat (roe, deer, boar, elk, bear) that have a number of key advantages:

High quality raw materials
Products are enriched with micronutrients and have almost zero cholesterol. Products are produced of the meat of animals that were grew up in ecological area and fed up wuth natural food. Ready products has dietetic and hypoallergenic characteristics because of the special structure of game meat

100% natural recipes 
Products are produced only with high-quality spices and without any preservatives and additives (GMO, flavour enhancers)

High taste and nutrition quality of ready products 
We use cutting edge technologies to preserve all useful properties, taste and freshness of natural game meat in the ready products.

Wide assortment of ready products of game meat.
Prosciutto, smoked delicatessen and sausages, pates, stew, semi-ready frozen game meat, semi-ready frozen chopped meat, sausages and kupaty for barbecu.

Multistage quality control. 
We use high-tech sanitary equipment for the production.

We strictly follow the unique specifications (technical specifications). 
Technical specifications were developed with the assistance of the Russian Institute of Nutrition and certification bodies.

We check with the metal detector.
All raw materials are thoroughly tested for the absence of bullets and shot in the meat.